Advanced Modeling Course

Advanced Modeling Course – Miami Based Modeling School


Advanced Modeling Course

All Ages

  • This course is for students who have already graduated from modeling.
  • Introduction of the different types of couture gowns and the appropriate catwalk modeling styles.
  • Developing the right attitude on the runway.
  • Adapting the appropriate mood.
  • Understanding music elements like beats & tempo to accommodate your catwalk style.
  • Catwalk techniques for can-can, A-line & chiffon gowns.
  • Catwalk techniques for mermaid, long train & batik gowns.
  • Details & essentials of handling a couture gown.
  • Respecting the creations of designers.
  • Understanding & developing runway attitude for elegant catwalk.
  • Dramatic “edgy” catwalk modeling style, look & attitude.
  • Dramatic “soft” catwalk modeling style, look & attitude.
  • Couples modeling on the catwalk.
  • 3-point group modeling styles & techniques.
  • Group modeling styles & techniques for more than 3 in a group.
  • Basics of catwalk modeling with products.
  • Understanding and adapting modeling style to suit client requirements.
  • Advanced product modeling for Bags, Shoes, Jewelry.