Runway Modeling & Etiquette

Runway Modeling & Etiquette – Miami Modeling Academy


Runway Modeling & Etiquette

Ages 4 & Up ● 16 week course

  • Learn modeling techniques for runway and fashion shows.
  • Develop skills needed to improve appearance through poise, posture and walking.
  • Improve visual presentation and confidence.
  • Learn etiquette & social graces.
  • Dining etiquette, table manners and table setting.
  • First impressions, introductions, sitting positions.
  • Skin care, makeup application and hair styling.
  • Photo posing.  Learn model poses for photo shoots.
  • At the end of the course students have the option of taking modeling photos to begin working on their portfolio or comp card.
  • Graduate models may be assisted in placement and  professional representation with a reputable modeling agency.