Services – Imagen Modeling in Miami


Runway Modeling & Etiquette

Ages 4 & Up ● 16 week course

  • Learn modeling techniques for runway and fashion shows.
  • Develop skills needed to improve appearance through poise, posture and walking.
  • Improve visual presentation and confidence.
  • Learn etiquette & social graces.
  • Dining etiquette, table manners and table setting.
  • First impressions, introductions, sitting positions.
  • Skin care, makeup application and hair styling.
  • Photo posing.  Learn model poses for photo shoots.
  • At the end of the course students have the option of taking modeling photos to begin working on their portfolio or comp card.
  • Graduate models may be assisted in placement and  professional representation with a reputable modeling agency.



Pageant Training

Our Pageant Training Program is the most comprehensive, cost effective and efficient way to train for your pageant experience. The Pageant Training Program offers are so much more than casual coaching tips, whether it’s the interview, makeup, hair, wardrobe, swimsuit, or runway, our instructors will work with you on a one on one basis and get you ready for that special day.

  • Pageant application/personal information sheet review- creation, styling, editing, and proofreading.
  • Image consultation- what to wear and how to look for opening number, interview, evening gown, fitness/swimsuit and talent.
  • Headshot photography – a winning headshot for your program book and appearances.
  • Poise and appearance training – walking, standing, posing, sitting, turning, entering and exiting on stage and off.
  • Make-up application – what colors to wear, how to apply them and when to wear them.
  • Comprehensive interview training which focuses on both content and execution including on stage interview question.
  • Interview questions- introspective personal questions and up to date current event and political questions.
  • Platform creation, development and execution.
  • Introduction drafting, editing, choreography and execution.
  • Using the microphone effectively for all aspects of on stage speaking, introduction, spokes-model and talent programs.
  • Public speaking training before judges’ panels, small groups and large audiences.
  • Individual consultations and sessions.

Don’t Be Left Standing Outside Of The Top 5 Again



Advanced Modeling Course

All Ages

  • This course is for students who have already graduated from modeling.
  • Introduction of the different types of couture gowns and the appropriate catwalk modeling styles.
  • Developing the right attitude on the runway.
  • Adapting the appropriate mood.
  • Understanding music elements like beats & tempo to accommodate your catwalk style.
  • Catwalk techniques for can-can, A-line & chiffon gowns.
  • Catwalk techniques for mermaid, long train & batik gowns.
  • Details & essentials of handling a couture gown.
  • Respecting the creations of designers.
  • Understanding & developing runway attitude for elegant catwalk.
  • Dramatic “edgy” catwalk modeling style, look & attitude.
  • Dramatic “soft” catwalk modeling style, look & attitude.
  • Couples modeling on the catwalk.
  • 3-point group modeling styles & techniques.
  • Group modeling styles & techniques for more than 3 in a group.
  • Basics of catwalk modeling with products.
  • Understanding and adapting modeling style to suit client requirements.
  • Advanced product modeling for Bags, Shoes, Jewelry.