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Our Workshops

Affordable Professional Modeling Workshops
for Young, Aspiring Models

Develop your modeling skills with our professional model training workshops for aspiring female models ages 4 yrs to Adults. We offer a variety of affordable workshops that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to be a successful working model.

Workshops are held on Saturdays & Sundays at different time slots for each age group (4 – 13 & 14 – Adults). You can register for individual workshops of your choice. Maximum of 25 attendees per workshop session.

"Modeling & Runway" Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is an introduction to the basics of modeling and runway. For ages 4 – Adults.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Modeling Industry.
  • Basic Runway Techniques.
  • Interviewing skills.
  • How to build your confidence and self-esteem.
  • How to find an agent/agency.
  • The Atlanta modeling market.
  • Modeling Terminology.
  • Types of modeling jobs (Showroom, Tradeshow, Brand Ambassadors, Commercial, Editorial, Runway, etc.)
  • How to gain experience and build up your modeling resume.
  • Promotional Materials: Headshots, Compcards, Resumes, websites etc.


"Makeup & Skincare" Workshop

This 2-hour workshop training models on proper makeup application and skin care so they are always looking their best for photography, film and television. For ages 14 to adults only.

What you will learn:

  • How to exfoliate your skin.
  • Makeup application.
  • Proper concealers for complete coverage.
  • Moisturizers.
  • Matching makup to your complexion.
  • Best eyeliners and eyeshadows to use.


"Image & Etiquette" Workshop

This 2-hour workshop trains models on grace, poise, personality, charm and salesmanship. Knowing how to present yourself is critical. People judge you by what they see and what you do. For ages 4 – Adults.
What you will learn:

  • Graceful sitting and standing.
  • Body language.
  • Proper handshake.
  • Eye-to-Eye contact.
  • Appropriate behavior.
  • Poise and Posture.
  • Knowing how to present yourself to others.
  • How to Accessorize.


"Interviews & Auditions" Workshop

This 2-hour workshop trains models on preparation for your interviews and auditions, and how to successfully book gigs. For ages 4 – Adults.

What you will learn:

  • How to prepare for an audition or go-see.
  • What to wear to a interview/audition.
  • What casting directors look for.
  • How to make a great first impression.
  • How to pack a “model bag”.
  • Memorizing script.
  • Improv for auditions.
  • Monologues.


"Photography" Workshop

This 2-hour workshop trains models on how to work with photographers and posing techniques to get the best photos. For ages 4 – Adults.

What you will learn:

  • How to prepare for a photo shoot.
  • Body Movement.
  • Working with people, props and products.
  • Foot and hand positions.
  • Facial Expressions.
  • Learning the difference between editorial and commercial photography.
  • Includes a mini photo shoot and review; Attendees will receive their own professional headshots with 2 different looks.


"Rock the Runway" Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is an extensive runway training and the last class of the workshop series.
For ages 4 – Adults.

What you will learn:

  • Poise and Posture.
  • Walking in heels Pairs and Singles.
  • Working with clothing.
  • Single and Double file, Bridal turns, etc..
  • Facial Expressions.
  • Developing model stance.
  • Routines.


Additional Information

  • All registration fees are non-refundable but you can reschedule for another available workshop date.
  • Models 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent.
  • Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Limited space available per workshop.
  • Reserve your spot today!
  • If you have any questions, you can call us at (305) 261-2893.