Angela Calderon

Co-Founder & CFO


Angela Calderon, executive editor of Imagen Magazines, was born in Cali, Colombia and although she studied law, she has always loved the world of communications, and Angela feels strongly that this is a way to help others. At the time of thinking about the birth of what she considers her greatest dream, she realized that it all started when she came to the United States in search of new opportunities and the “American Dream“. Angela recalls it was like starting over, searching for a home, a job, where to shop for the best prices, find the best quality products, a good school for her son; and finally things to do. If you don’t speak English, it becomes a little more difficult; therefore she gave herself the task of seeing how she could help new migrants make their transition easier. With this idea, Imagen Magazines was born.

Gradually, through her experiences, studies, research and keeping an active communication with her readers, Imagen Magazines has increased its content, adding the involvement of professionals who give their advice on the legal side, health, fashion, beauty, finances and highlighting positive events that arise in the community.

Now that her dream come true, Imagen Magazine has become one of the most sought Magazines to find accurate and timely information. The promise of this publication is to continue working for the community, continue to grow now as a family business, conformed by Alejandro Rendon, who is responsible for the design and appearance of the magazine, and Mandy Llanes who arrived to strengthen the family and Imagen Magazines, always supported by the best team.

Angela enjoys the opportunity that is presently provided by Imagen Magazine to provide various community meetings that promote and provide comfort for men and women of our Hispanic community. She also devotes a great amount of her time to the Foundation “Mujer Imagen”, which she instituted with her life partner Mandy Llanes, for the purpose of projecting themselves socially within the community and benefit women entrepreneurs, that want to achieve success of your business by helping them achieve economic support for themselves and their families, and create job opportunities in the community.