About Imagen Modeling by La Gatita

Why Choose Imagen Modeling?

We thank you very much for your interest in our modeling academy and would like to invite you to take a look at what we have to offer at our academy. We are here to guide you through the process of making this important decision for your child and help you experience the great things that take place at our academy.

The Imagen Modeling experience begins with a peace of mind. With our closed circuit monitoring system allows you to watch all of your child’s activities from your smart phone or from the comfort of your home. No other modeling academy offers you this.

Faculty and staff are nurturing, talented, and creative. Our staff of instructors are some of the most talented and experienced persons in their industry, and they love to devote their time to teach the younger generation develop into tomorrow’s professionals.

We are committed to providing the best instruction we can to each of our students.
Class size is small, averaging 12 students. The social development and growing self-esteem of each child is as important as their academic growth; teamwork and cooperation are valued and modeled, no matter of age.

Imagen Modeling offers a diverse range of programs for age 4 years and older, all in one location. Our pageant program and instruction is the foundation for many pageanters that go on to participate in local and international pageants with much success. 1 on 1 tutoring is also available for any student that needs the extra help along the way.

There is so much more! Come for a visit. Talk to our instructors.
Our students are engaged in learning, our instructors delight in teaching, and together we take pride in the growth and achievements of your children.

Choose Imagen Modeling for your child and watch them grow!

Imagen Modeling Student 2
Imagen Modeling Student 4
Imagen Modeling Student 1

Our Vision

Imagen Modeling by La Gatita was created through the vision of renowned broadcaster and radio personality Betzy Vazquez, better known as “La Gatita”. Betzy became involved in the modeling scene when her youngest daughter Susanlee Forty-Vazquez’s desire to enter the world of fashion. Throughout the trials and tribulations and then the success of Susanlee, Betzy quickly realized that she shared the same passion as her daughter and wanted to be able to help other young adults grow in the industry. Betzy decided to share her dream with her friend and founder of Imagen Magazines, Angela Calderon and together they put this vision together. Imagen Modeling aims to provide a comprehensive learning academy for their students, so they can develop both professionally and socially. Being a model is more than knowing how to model a dress on a catwalk, so it is important to emphasize the values and self-esteem of our students.

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Our Mission

Our course duration is four (4) months, during this time the students will learn every aspect of the fashion world. From modeling to fashion photography, styling to makeup, we offer the tools to begin a career in this glamorous world that is often perceived as inaccessible.

  • Catwalk
  • Pageantry
  • Projection
  • Glamour
  • Nutrition
  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Protocol
  • Image
  • Etiquette

Our courses are divided into three categories, taking into account age and experience.

  • Kid Model
  • Chic Model
  • Professional Model

Our exclusive list of instructors include:

  • Betzy “La Gatita” Vazquez
  • Susanlee Forty-Vazquez (Top Model, Multi Pageant Winner, and Academy Director)
  • Ashley Ruiz (Top Model, Multi International Pageant Winner, and actress)